Micro Machining

"Thank you for your interest in OT Precision Machining, Inc. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest standards in precision machining utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and skilled, experienced professionals."


Our R&D department use OT Precision to prototype out fixtures for testing and process improvement tooling.. They manufacture small medical component machined parts for our prototyping projects. Their engineered assistance support very good and responsive. Their pricing is competitive and they have reliable services. Their quality is very good.

Hellokitty - VendOp
R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Upon starting our company years ago, one of our business partner recommended OT Precision.We never had any regret of having them in our company since they have proven that they have superior manufacturing quality and helpful sales team that make doing our business better.

zette - VendOp
Human Resources, Medical Device

We used OT Precision to customize a design solution for a client prototype. We were impressed by their professionalism, ability to produce a timeline and schematics within a short period of time and ultimately by their delivery of a quality work product. Customer service was great and always easy to reach. Their expert staff offered guidance and insight throughout. Accurate quotes, milestones and a knowledgeable team yielded positive results. Will continue to use for our precision tooling and components.

GoPro99 - VendOp
Operations, Consulting

We have used OT Precision for prototypes as well as some initial validation runs. The turnaround time was expedient, which helped us shorten our lead times for validations. They were highly capable machining tough features with tight tolerances, meeting our internal PPK requirements. They were receptive to all the demands to meet our quality standards, which made qualifying the vendor easy. Overall, a great machine shop from prototype to production.

MfgEng - VendOp
Manufacturing, Medical Device